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I am always in the condition of “thirst” when I just started to take BloomingCare Fibre?
The “thirst” short term condition is due to detoxification. This is due to the habit of staying up late, smoking, alcoholic beverages, weak liver and lung function. You are advised to increase your water consumption during this period.
I would like to reduce my weight. Can BloomingCare Fibre help in slimming?
Eating more fibre is a very good idea because its make your whole diet becomes healthier. High-fibre foods can boost metabolism and reduce fat accumulation. Taking BloomingCare Fibre can reduce the risk of obesity and adjust the body weight and shape.
What are the effects of BloomingCare Fibre on skin care and beauty?
After body cleansing, your body metabolism will be improved and its help to replenish the necessary nutrients to the skin.
Who should take BloomingCare Fibre?
This product is suitable for everyone. However for patients with asthma, heart diseases, gastrointestinal diseases and anaemia, should start with a lowered BloomingCare Fibre intake, say half a sachet of BloomingCare Fibre (10g) daily.
What are the side effects by using BloomingCare Fibre?
BloomingCare Fibre has been sent for laboratory tests at Singapore. It is safe to consumer. Furthermore, this product contains NO artificial colouring, flavouring and preservatives.
Is this product suitable for pregnant women?
All the ingredients are from natural plants. It does not contain any chemicals. However due to vary physical condition of pregnant ladies, please consults the doctors before consuming BloomingCare Fibre.
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